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Crowned Recipients 

"I've Gotten So Many Compliments!"

Crowns Of Love reached out to me and asked what I wanted my wig to look like. I sent them a photo of my hair before I lost it to chemo and they were able to DUPLICATE it. I LOVE the color and have gotten so many compliments. If you are going through chemo or have alopecia, reach out to Crowns Of Love!

-Love Shelley

It was so emotional seeing my old self !

“When I received my wig I could not be more amazed. It is the first time in a very long time I have truly felt like myself. It was emotional seeing my “old self” look back at me in the mirror, but I am so glad to have this feeling. Cancer takes so much, and although it may not seem like much, going months without your hair or feeling like yourself is devastating. Thank you for making my day, my week, months and months to come! I feel so confident and this will be the wig I wear at my wedding. Thank you for making these hard times easier and making women feel beautiful again. Endless gratitude,” -



Crowns of Love did a spectacular job! 

“The wig arrived and I pretty much immediately tried it on! It felt amazing! I have not had a human hair wig before and the difference was incredible! I kept running my hands through it and looking in the mirror. Though nothing will be exactly my own lost hair you all at Crowns of Love did a spectacular job making a wig for this red head. My hair has always been a huge part of my identity and I felt like a piece of me I had lost was recovered when I wear this wig. Thank you all so much for the care and thoughtfulness you put in to helping me and sending me such a wonderful gift in this wig. I’m just about finished with treatment for breast cancer and am beginning to feel like myself again - this wig helps me so much feel like my old self and focus on life as I want it to be instead of just being a cancer patient. Thank you so much!” -Megan B

Feeling Beautiful! 

"Feeling Beautiful & I couldn't thank my friend enough for introducing me to Crowns Of Love. I sent them a few pictures of myself and they made a wig to look like my hair!! The best part of all is that it is real human hair so you can style it with heat! It is really the little things & I so missed being able to look like me. I will always be grateful for this gift. 


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